Custom GPT created using the 'Create' function

I have created a custom GPT. It provided links to give to users. When user use the link it presents a message "Custom GPT is not yet available. We are rolling out this feature ". I get that. Following are my questions:

  1. When the links are accessible, does user have to have a openai login ? Do they need to be subscribed to GPT Plus ?
  2. Are these custom GPT downloaded from the store ?
  3. Can these custom GPT be hosted on servers provided by the developer ? If so, is there any info on what kind of minimum servers/GPU are required ?

Appreciate your time and thanks for responses if any.

Custom GPTs are only available to other users who have access to custom GPTs. Meaning, if they aren’t plus members, they cannot access them.

Custom GPTs will be available to download from the GPT store when it is released at the end of the month.

Custom GPTs cannot be hosted by the developer. GPT plugins required you to host your own OpenAPI schema, but that’s about it. If you want local development, you would build your own assistant using the API.