ChatGPT plugin analytics tool - OpenAI

Can there ever be a chatGPT analytics tool from OpenAI in the future to monitor the below data?

  • API success rate
  • user installs and usage
  • responses speed

I know all there can be done from dev end but if this data is already recorded by chatGPT and can be shared with devs it would save a lot of developer time.



I use this, does not cover user installs though.

Sorry, I did not understand how I can track my plugin using Unofficial OpenAI Status :thinking:

Ohh, I see, I though you wanted to see model performance over time. You would need to keep logs of your API calls and how they are running in your code, think of OpenAI like an electricity supplier, they track how much you use, not what you use it for and if you you were successful in whatever you did with it.

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Thanks for the reply. I will include analytics at my end. :smiley:

I was hoping that OpenAI can do something like google analytics. Just a feature request. :crossed_fingers:

@JohnVersus When you say “user installs” what do you mean?

It’s a reference to the number of users who installed a specific plug-in from the predecessor of the GPT store, the plug-in store.

Since plug-ins are now being replaced with actions I think we can close this topic.

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