Custom GPT - Actions into Bubble

Hello all,

Does anybody know, or has anybody tried, to create an action (function call) in their custom GPT to send elements of the chat into Bubble?

I’ve created a quiz-master custom GPT called “Quize” (ChatGPT - Quize - The Quiz Game About Whatever), and I’m in the process of developing a web-app using bubble to accomplish the same goal. The GPT asks the user for a topic, then generates 8 multiple-choice questions on that topic, displaying them sequentially and showing the user’s score at the end.

I would like to integrate the two, whereby quizzes generated and completed in GPT could be sent into my bubble app as part of the user’s quiz history, so that they can check their score and regenerate the quiz that they completed in ChatGPT instead.

Specifically, I’d quite like to send the Topic, Questions, 4 Choices, Choice Chosen, Answer, and Score into a database in bubble that belongs to a user, at the end of a quiz when prompted to do so. Naturally, this would include requesting the user’s email address to check to see if they have an account in my bubble app (Quize - Log In). This, ideally, would be in JSON format so that my bubble app can handle it far more effectively.

Not expecting a thorough process in response, I’d just like to know if anyone has attempted something similar (specifically with bubble, or a similar no-code platform), and if so, what you did, and if it worked


This is not possible.

This would be akin to being able to access the user’s conversation which OpenAI expressly disallows.


Little confused in that case - What is it possible to do in the Actions of a custom GPT?

Even if it’s just sending the name of the topic they have chosen, not the entire chat, would that be disallowed?


Actions are, generally, for bringing things in or for specifically performing actions on other services.

So, as I think about and re-read what you’re asking, you could probably re-phrase it as an action to create a quiz using some platform and that would be okay, but asking it to copy previous conversation out is probably not.

Do you see the distinction?