API to access custom GPTs?


Would the API be updated so I can have access throught the API to my own customized GPT and be able to integrate it in my Apps?



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This is not currently possible and there are no official plans to support access to GPT’s from an API call. GPTs are, at least currently, purely for use within the ChatGPT ecosystem.

hi i thought it was possible to do an API call through actions (for GPT’s) or function calling (for Assistant API)?

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Sure, but you can’t call a GPT from an API.

Function calling means you let the openai api pretend there is a function, it doenst actually fire a function or api for you.

OMG that is a brilliant idea! Imagine the power and how much more “sticky” OpenAI would be and their network effects would just 100x

But alas … sniff … greatness has elluded OpenAI again !

(okay maybe a bit melodramatic I admit)

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As this topic has a selected solution, closing topic.

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