Using CustomGPT Actions to Send Webhook Posts in Chat Conversations

Hello OpenAI Community,

I am exploring the possibility of using CustomGPT actions to send webhook POST requests to a service during an ongoing chat session. My goal is to integrate external services directly within the chat flow, allowing for dynamic interactions based on the conversation context.

From what I understand, there is currently no direct API support for accessing ChatGPT threads as mentioned in a post by jacobdev. This limitation might affect the feasibility of my plan. Here’s the quote for reference:

Given this situation, I am seeking advice on whether it is possible to implement webhook POST requests within a chat using CustomGPT Actions. Are there alternative methods or workarounds that could facilitate this type of interaction? Has anyone successfully integrated external service calls within a ChatGPT session, and if so, how did you achieve it?

Any insights, suggestions, or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated as they would greatly help in advancing my project.

Thank you!