Credit grant limit reached, but not allowed to use card?

I have been paying with the credit card, but I also had 2500 “Credit Grants”. While using the credit grants, I was charged on the credit card (I am OK with it).

The problem is that now I have reached the 2500 limit, and it does not allow me to pay to have higher usage. (10K limit, tier-5, tried multiple credit cards).

Is there any way to pay/keep using the API?

I can not use the API, and I have a deadline Tomorrow that includes results (PhD. students working on it).

Any suggestion?

  • Is it the problem that you’ve spent $10000+ this month?
  • Or is the problem that the payment system won’t accept your “buy credits” in the billing overview page?

$10000 is now the monthly limit for “tier 5”, and there is no limit request form any more to go higher.

OpenAI didn’t provide any solution for higher limits, and I haven’t heard what others with $80000/mo limits were given in the new tier system, but it seems the best path is to contact Will they respond fast? Maybe no.

You have about 40 hours until the reset to the next month, so that won’t work. A second account also won’t level up fast enough to be of use.

Hopefully OpenAI staff will discover your post here and be able to make the appropriate increase after clarification of exactly where you encounter problems.

The problem is the buy credit which does not allow because reaching the credit grant limit. We used to have automatic payment, and the last succesful was less to “fit” with credit grants limit.

I would defiantly reach out to (bottom right corner is a support bot icon) and give your contact detail and a description of the issue, unfortunately the developer forum is not the correct place to get assistance with account related issue.

i’m use

It looks like you are using some third party app.
Try logging in via