Creating multiple actions in GPT

Hello everyone,

I’ll start by saying I’m not a developer. Simply using ChatGPT to lean on the fly. I’ve created a new GPT and it’s really easy to follow the guided instructions. I was able to create an action with IPInfo API to pull IP address data when prompted. I’m hoping to expand on this and add multiple actions into the same schema, but it doesn’t validate. I get this error:

" Multiple servers found, using ipinfo.
Found multiple hostnames, dropping quotable"

Does this mean that GPTs can only support a single action per GPT? I asked ChatGPT and it recommended either creating a custom service or a proxy which I can explore, but wondering if this is a known limitation for now.

Thank you in advance.

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+1. I tried multiple ways and have not found a solution yet. Also, the documentation about actions is really poorly written and incomplete.

If you want multiple actions, I think it is pretty straightforward if they are on the same server, but two different endpoints on that one server. If you want an schema example for that scenario, let me know. If not, the way I did it is setting up a server as a proxy to the end two servers endpoints, and use the same method as above. If you use Flask on python and with chatgpt help, it is not that bad. There might be a way to do it without a proxy server, but I could not find any, but I only did a quick search online.

Yes agreed that having multiple endpoints on one server is easy. Adding multiple source actions is the problem. I tried the proxy, and it works, but I thought maybe there is a easier way that is supported without all that.

Thank you very much! I will try the proxy route, and reply back with findings. The idea is to "integrate " or create multiple action that can assist IT Systems engineers. For example, one Action will link our Remote Management and Monitoring platform API to apply fixes or resolve alerts on the fly, while adding additional actions for public IP data, Azure, and AWS for managing cloud resources.

Any insights on setting up a proxy ? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!

Yes, I have the same issue. I cannot figure out how to add multiple actions. I want to pull from two separate APIs, but it seems that I can only add one action.

So what I did was create an API that handles requests to multiple endpoints( multiple actions I have). I deployed it on some free server hosting platform and used that URL for the main action, and then each path individually under that URL.

Just to get you started google or youtube how to build a rest API using express.