GPT Action Limits and Restrictions

Can we get official confirmation that we can only have one action per GPT? This feels like a HUGE problem. I know we can build out a single schema with multiple “api’s”…but that just means they all have to be endpoints in the same OpenAPI spec file. I was under the impression we would be able to attach multiple actions to one GPT.

As it stands, while GPT’s have ADA and Retrieval built in is great, only allowing one action kind of kills everything that made plugins powerful.


I’m running into the same issue. However, even with multiple APIs with the same schema, I actually got an error:

“Multiple servers found, using URL-1
Found multiple hostnames, dropping URL-2”

You can make mutiple apis in one GPTs by action, just like plugins, watch this :slight_smile: ChatGPT - GPTsNavigator

That looks like a list of GPTs… not calling and using multiple different actions in one GPT.

You cant list more than one base server url for an action. You have to code a router in your backend and alter your spec.
In my opinion that’s absurd, we should be able to have multiple URLs on one spec file and ChatGPT should be smart enough to route to the right server.

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Any update on this ? Can we invoke multiple endpoints now ?

You could always do multiple endpoints. You couldn’t do multiple domains. So if I wanted to have an app the combined google books api with a weather api to give book suggestions based on the weather, I wouldve had to make my own server that pulled in both apis before interaction with the gpt.

Isn’t this possible now with support for multiple actions in a GPT ? I can see an option to create multiple actions and maybe have a different domain in each of these ?

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I have GPT with 7 API endpoints (different logic with GET/POST/PUT/DELETE) in one action definition, and I can see I can create more actions with respective API specs.

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Yes, that’s why this is all past tense. This was a convo from before they added multiple domains.

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