How would one create a custom GPT with action that takes 2+ env vars?

I’m trying to create a custom action in a custom GPT and my app needs a few diff api key-type things. One is an api key, one is an env var. I only see I can add 1 api key in the auth section. Is there a way to create more than 1?

You’ll need a back end running somewhere that the GPT can talk to. Then the back end can use your API keys without being exposed, pretty much like plugins work. I made this tutorial some time ago to make a plugin, the principle is very much the same, just don’t need the manifest anymore!

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Any suggestions on how to use multiple API keys for different endpoint calls?

For example I have two public API keys, one used for Auth endpoints (where the user supplies username:password) and another for all other queries.

I cant seem to get the GPT to use “the other” API key - it only uses what was entered on the front-end “API Key” text form found by clicking the GEAR on the Action

what he’s suggesting here is that you built a thin proxy in node or python or php, whatever, but it can manage things like your api keys, and do the routing between multiple endpoints…

does that make sense?