Creating and training a web-site chatbot

Dear all, using openAI’s assistant api, python and streamlit… are these 3 will be enough for me to create an ai chatbot into a tourism-related website ? I want it to just answer questions, won’t need any other orientations to somewhere else such as reserving a room, looking for prices etc.

I’ll use openAI’s gpt in the background but I also want to feed it with some data (word documents could be), Do the system limits me about the information that I can upload into for training, and does it easily adapt and answer upon my loaded data ?

any help, video will be appreciated, thanks !

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Hi and welcome to the OpenAI community, @gokaykirtil!

Yes, you can start now by trying to build a proof-of-concept assistant with the Assistants API over Playground to check if it meets your requirements. Then, you can iterate from there.