Create JSONL Datasets for AI Fine-tuning with no-code or CLI

Hey everybody. I thought I’d share this fun little project we’ve been building into Riku. We aggregate all of the best large language models for text generation and have a growing community of prompt builders and AI enthusiasts.

With the launch of our V2, we went about trying to solve one of the main problems of our community which was how they can create fine-tunes without using code. A simple form was implemented allowing them to drag and drop their datasets and choose which technoloogy and model for these fine-tunes but then we had another unexpected issue arise with lots of feedback that creating JSONL files is a real pain.

To solve this, we made the Dataset Studio which is a no-code solution to quickly create your prompt and completions and instantly see the JSONL file which you can then use to no-code fine-tune or download and use as you wish. You can check out our video demonstration of this here -

This is going to certainly speed up my own dataset creation and hopefully it can help those who don’t want to learn code or use a CLI.