Create an assistant to help students

A have seen schools that have an AI-assistant that student can use as a extra teacher.

Can anybody point me in the right directions so I can develop one for my school?

I have programming experience and have tried using an API creating a GPT on OpenAI:s site.

As I understand it you can then train the assistant but I don’t know how.

Hi there - Not a 100% sure from your question whether you are looking to build a custom GPT or an Assistant but if you are looking for guidance on how the Assistant works, then the following two resources are good starting points:

Hi, and thanks for the reply and link!

Well, I am really new to this so I am not sure. I guess it is an assistant I want to build. A company I have worked for created an assistant called Alize that help their studente as some kind of extra teacher I guess.

I have made an Custom GPT only by pointing it to a API but I want to make more than that.

Another question on the subject is how to make my assistant unique. How do I train the assistant.

And if the teachers at my school want to add specific subjects for the students to train on, can they?

What I want is a tool that can help both students and teachers at my school so they feel it is more helpful than only using ChatGPT.

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Well, to get started you can upload files to the Assistant via the Assistant’s Playground or by connecting it to an external data source. This would then enable you to have students interact with the Assistant on topics of your choice. Currently, there are still some challenges associated with information retrieval etc but it seems an Assistant update by OpenAI is around the corner.

Similarly to custom GPTs, you also can provide custom instructions to the Assistant in terms of how you’d like it to interact with students and you can give the persona of a teacher.

One of the main benefits of Assistants over custom GPTs is the accessibility. You can create an Assistant and make it available “for free” to your students via a dedicated website (obviously there are costs associated with running the Assistant itself but students would not have to pay for using it). The same is currently not directly possible with custom GPTs and your students would need a GPT Plus subscription in order to access the custom GPT.

Of course there are a lot of more nuances to this, so just consider this as a starting point for your thinking.

Thank you, that is a great help!

About cost, do I have to pay for the tokens the students/teachers use? If so, can that cost be high? Maybe I can get my organisation to pay but not if is a too high cost.

I’d say that at the moment the costs for the Assistant’s use is still a bit difficult to predict and control (you can find a lot of discussion on this topic on the Forum). But as indicated, there seems to be an update imminent and that might also improve the cost management and transparency.

To your question though: yes, you’d have to pay for the use by your students/teachers. Costs are a direct function of the volume of use/nature of interactions… But there are definitely certain design choices you can make to somewhat limit the costs. Again, a bit difficult to make recommendations in abstract without having a clearer view on your intentions for the Assistant’s design and capabilities.