AI Teacher trained for bricklaying

Hi there,
My name is Peter and I’m a sysadmin for a VO School (like 9-12th grade) in the netherlands. OpenAI (or rather chatgpt) got the attention of one of our schools.

They have the idea to use it for educational purposes. The idea (not limited by being informed) is:

  • Create a virtual teacher
  • Train this teacher with course specific data. Things like bricklaying theory, whatever.
  • Fine tune this virtual teacher: let it stay on topic, be friendly and so on.
  • Letting pupils chat with that virtual teacher through something like Teams (Teams is allready an adapted tool in our classrooms)

They way I see this that it would involve creating assistants and after that communication to these assistant with the help of something like the MS bot framework.

Not being equiped with enough technical IT skills they asked us to help them with thist.
My background does include scripting (Perl, Node) but openAI is new to me.

The question I would like to put to you is: Is this at all possible. How should I go about this?



Yes, very much.

I would start by first playing around with ChatGPT-GPTs found in ChatGPT with Plus membership. You may find that the default model with some instructions is sufficient to act as a knowledgeable teacher of bricklaying. This a no-code solution that provides the highest performing model & sufficient functionalities for testing.

You can also attach documents to your ChatGPT-GPT to ensure that it refers to them.

Once you have a good model working you can consider transferring it over to the Assistants API for more control, and to take it outside of the ChatGPT ecosystem

This is redundant. LLMs are typically trained to be friendly, and aim to stay on topic. Trying to fine-tune this behavior would only be detrimental. If the user wants to make it go off topic, it will. You would be better off using a separate “moderation” model to ensure that the topic is kept on track

I’m guessing this means Microsoft Teams. I don’t believe they offer an API for bots to communicate. This doesn’t seem like an ideal place either. You would want to use some sort of persistent chat channel that offers this type of API such as Discord or Telegram. Both of these platforms offer these services for free.

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Interesting project!

OpenAI has shared some resources to get education projects started. They are mostly focused on ChatGPT but will provide you with a starting point for an assessment of what you will need to provide from a project management perspective when trying to achieve your desired outcome and taking note of the shortcomings.

Then you can also explore the node.js SDK.
If you go through the examples in the platform you will be able to form a better understanding of what specifically may be required from a developer perspective.

A word of caution: the Assistants API is not very cost efficient. If that’s an issue for your org you may have to build some of the functionality on top of the chat.completion endpoints instead. But the assistants API has been created specifically for developers who are looking for a fast turnaround. The decision is ultimately up to you.

The good news is, with a requirement set in hand you will easily come across respectable sources with example code if you decide to go another route.

Also, you can always draw from the knowledge available here in the forum.
If you have more specific questions, please ask!

Teams does indeed mean MS Teams.
Reason I was thinking about teams has to do with privacy. Every student we have has access to teams. I would have problems pointing them to Telegram or Discord (both of which I use privatly) because in that case I would have yet another provider to share personal information with. Being a school (in europe) we are kinda restricted in that.

The idea that has formed in my head is something like:

  • The teacher putting knowledge in a bot
  • Me creating an interface between openAI and Teams (using the bot framework)
  • The kids chatting with the bot in teams

Noticed allready that there are indeed costs involved. That could be an issue. Being a school there is not a real bussiness model, and resources are limited.

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I did look it up a bit further and I was mistaken: Microsoft Team does offer an API for communication and integrates really nicely with the bot framework.

What you’re looking for is very achievable. IAgain, I would start with a ChatGPT-GPT (the cost is always $20/month). This would provide some quick hands-on experience without worrying about the code. Once you are satisfied with the results you can move onto the bot framework.

It looks like the bot framework encapsulates everything you need - similar to Assistants. So once you have the documents & prompts prepared you can jump into plugging in the bot framework with your Microsoft Teams channel(s).

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