Create a Custom GPT with an Assistants API

I would like to create a Custom GPT and instead of adding instructions or documents on the Front End in the GPT Builder I would like to add an assistants API under the “Actions” field. So the question would simply be what I need to enter in the fields of Authetification (type of authhentication and for API key BASIC, Bearer or Individual ) and what I need to enter in the Scheme field and if I need to select YAML or JSON etc.

The actions cannot make the necessary API calls to the OpenAI AI API, requiring custom headers. You would have to set up your own backend server for the GPT to communicate with.

And then: you really want to pay for the on-demand API AI usage by OpenAI’s own customers with your API account?

I wanted to automate the data input to the knowledge sheet. And thats way easier if you do it via the API