GPT or assistants API which is the right choice?

What is the best way to augment GPT so I can give it rules and request it to then display the results as a DSL (break down of steps)?

Ideally I would like to add this to a GPT and then programmatically call it.
Which option should I go with:

  1. Create a custom GPT and load it up with rules etc. Its not a huge-perhaps also a PDF with info in addition to the rules. I assume I do this one and I am good to go. Then access it from my application using APIs.

  2. Can I use Assistants API - would I need to give it the rules etc. each time I start it up on my server?

I looked here but I am not sure which would be better suited.


At this point you cannot call custom GPT’s programmatically which mean you will have to go with Assistants or Completions. Your case sounds pretty standard for that.

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