How do i let my users feed in their api key into my Custom GPT

Hello, Am developing my custom GPT and i wanted to make this gpt be able to make api calls (authenticated) to my backend systems.

So i enable actions into my GPT point to my services.

When the ChatGPT plus users wanted to use my custom GPT, how do i let them to enter the API key to be able to make those action calls?

Have you tried using Oauth?

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Thank you Jacob for quick reply.

Sorry naive question, how is plugin related to Custom GPT Actions?

Will the users need to install my plugin first and authenticate and then only they can use the custom GPT?

How can you allow users to use Oauth if users use a public Custom GPTs?
I mean, in front end of openai platform

This is still unanswered? I have the same question. It is not clear how to specify/target/reference a custom GPT via api.

The answer is that you cannot ‘specify/target/reference a custom GPT via api.’
The custom GPT can use actions to interact with an API but not the other way around.

Yes, unfortunately, custom GPTs created via the OpenAI webapp aren’t as “real” as I wish they were. Once your custom GPT is ready for primetime, you’re going to want to take all the pertinent info over to the OpenAI API backend and put all of that info into an OpenAI assistant. With your OpenAI key and assistant ID, you can create something more real outside of the OpenAI Plus ecosystem.

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