Create 2d isometric pixel art character animation

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to create 2d characters animations with DALL-E 3.
I use this prompt

write a forum message for me about how we can create characters animation.
you can tell I use this prompt
create a sprite sheet of 9 to 12 different sprites in a consistent grid
We’ll use these sprites to make a gif animation
The sprites should be showing a mage walking in isometric pixel art
Each sprite has to be different from the one before him
And make sure the sprite sheet is consistent and reliable
Give extra care on feet movements from one sprite to the next

But dall-e give me the same sprites

I try to give some guidance but gpt lock me out :sweat_smile:

Anyone has an idea on how it can be done ?


I tried a few variants, but you can see that more description of technique only gets more irrelevant context included within the image…

Thanks @_j. So I need to find an other way to do that