Use DALL-E to generate sprite sheet?

Having seen what others have done with “normal” images, for my first-timer personal familiarization with DALL-E I wanted to start by creating a sprite sheet which might be used in an animated GIF, game, etc. Here is the prompt I used:

A 256x256 sprite sheet with 16-bit color depth, black transparent background, consisting of 16 frames in a 4 high by 4 wide grid. The first frame has a white rabbit, sitting and facing to the right. Frames 2 to 16 show animation transitions across 16 phases of the rabbit hopping up and then landing in the same position as frame 1.

The resulting images were not near what I was hoping but I’m sure some refinement of the prompt will help to refine the result.

Would anyone else like to help refine the query with me?
Anyone else thinking about using DALL-E like this?
Any references to articles where someone is doing this?


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