Could not share chat for chats containing images?

Hi there. I was trying to share a chat conatining images but I got an error saying “Failed to copy link to clipboard - could not create link”. This chat was created half a month ago and chats before and after this chats can be shared normally. Could you guys look into what is happening? Very much appreciated!


Having the same issue in Safari on MacOS, in Firefox on Windows 11, and in the iOS app.

Tested sharing another conversation that did not contain images, was able to share, then created an image in that same chat and was able to replicate the error message.

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Same issue here. As soon as I added an image to a shared thread, the conversation stopped at the image insertion place. I deleted the share, and now I cannot create a new share.

GPT says:
“Ah, I see the issue now. Yes, when images are involved, the sharing functionality might be limited due to the nature of the content and privacy considerations. If you need to share insights or content from this thread, manually copying the text or using screenshots, as I mentioned, could be your best option.”

same issue for me. I can share any other chat but containing images