Could ChatGPT be the future of video game design? How long until this could be reality?

I have not used ChatGPT yet, and I know absolutely nothing about video game design/coding/programming. I do not think this would be possible now, but I am curious if this could be part of the future. Could ChatGPT eventually be used to create a fully functional AAA game without the user needing the skills of a video game designer?

While looking into VR games that might make me get into VR, I stumbled across some videos of VR Skyrim with ChatGPT mods making NPC’s and/or a companion that was fully interactive and this was really cool. As a result, i started looking into what ChatGPT is and how it all works. To me, it’s almost like a very early JARVIS in Iron Man where Tony Stark spits out an idea and JARVIS makes it reality. I’ve also seen some videos of ChatGPT being asked to create videogame code with varying levels of success, though not a lot.

So the real question to me is, could users potentially (even if it were down the road) feed ChatGPT game files from different games and have ChatGPT generate a whole new game with selected aspects? I would imagine the user would have to be able to give ChatGPT access to game engines as well as somehow allow it control the game engine.

For example, lets say I love the book series and tv show The Last Kingdom and I also love being able to command a group of troops in a 1st/3rd person medieval battle where my character is in the thick of it alongside his army, but I would want the story to play like elder scrolls and have a really good RPG feel with great graphics. Now as i said, i know nothing about designing and creating video games so i could never make this happen without a lot of effort and time trying to self teach or being taught formally. But what if I could give ChatGPT the game files from elder scrolls skyrim and Mount and Blade, then feed it all of the books and episodes from The Last Kingdom. Further I would have to give ChatGPT access to whatever game engines are involved in those two games as well as the ability to control those engines rather than tell me how to. Finally I would tell ChatGPT that I want the graphics quality and RPG play style from Skyrim files with the battle mechanics and party control from the Mount and Blade files, with the storyline based off of the Last Kingdom books, but the character images based off of the shows cast.

Imagine being able to play as Uthred and actually command his loyal band in a shield wall or while storming a castle. All the while traveling across Anglo-Saxon England rendered in beautiful graphics and having Uthred’s story play out as an RPG. Maybe even make it VR and implement the ChatGPT NPC’s where you could experience conversation with Finan or mock Alfred for his dream of a united England under the Christian GOD.

Putting aside the copywrite aspect of all of the source material, couldn’t this be possible? ChatGPT would need to be given the source material to sort through and pull from, but if it could see the existing code and LEARN from it how best to recreate it on the game engine, what else could be needed?

Quick answer: No.

GPT-4 can’t even write code to call the API when augmented with 1500 tokens of documentation.

In the request body, provide the following parameters:\n - model: Set this to `"gpt-4.0-turbo"

To generate a response from GPT-4, you can use the openai.Completion.create() method. Here’s an example of how to make a basic API call:\n ```python\n response = openai.Completion.create(\n engine=‘text-davinci-004’,

A forgotten project on a site with a bad certificate, OpenAI gym, was to use iterative machine learning to learn to play video games.

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It sounds like you are saying, despite excess information being provided to GPT-4, it still can not truly learn to create and form it’s own paths. I wonder if that could change as GPT is improved upon.

You can create small game but creating big AI only game with Public access GPT4 is ‘?’ until someone create one. You can create a game but you need human to improve it for now. Creating some creative features : sometimes GPT4 say i am done with all 1.76 trillion parameters knoweldge :smile:

Yes, there is no learning going on in “ChatGPT”, you can’t feed it books (and AI has already been pretrained on 40TB+ of material anyway). What you have access to for your own training is a limited context length of prompt to inform and shape its output.

AI language models can be fine-tuned. That can make the AI be able to answer “no, I can’t produce a game because that is too complex a task”, instead of producing some plausible text that looks like code (which is some of the training that OpenAI has given ChatGPT’s AI models).

Writing short segments of code is possible, but it is the human that needs to have an overall understanding and put things together. This is unlikely to be a threshold that can be crossed with LLM AI as we know it, which simply produces text that is a likely completion to an input.

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Hmm… Let´s see… No matter how amaze people can get about the new improvements in AI, it´s still thousands of years away to “create a thought” on its own.

Today, AI is just a very rustic way to answer something generically and does it very bad and very “deviated” from a real human answer.

Im not discouraging about new researchs in AI, but right now its just fancy colorful mirrors, and no more than that.

I used ChatGPT a lot, and it answers were, and im being polite, brute and lackluster at best (if not very capitalistic oriented -and sometimes very untruthful- answers…).

So, no, AI its years away from something more than a simple fireworks spectacle.

For technophiles… i know, in a few years we are going to see some very puzzling things when it comes to AI, but nothing more than that.