CookieSpeak: Making a "cookie language" (and other fake languages...)

hey make up a cookie language for me?


Certainly! Creating a whimsical “cookie language” can be a fun and creative exercise. Here’s a basic outline for the language, complete with some vocabulary, grammar rules, and examples. Feel free to expand upon it or adapt it to your needs.

Cookie Language: “CookieSpeak”


  • Cookie: :cookie:
  • Love: :heart:
  • Happy: :blush:
  • Quest: :rocket:
  • Magic: :sparkles:
  • Friend: :busts_in_silhouette:
  • Eat: :fork_and_knife:
  • Dance: :dancer:
  • Adventure: :national_park:
  • Laugh: :joy:

Grammar Rules:

  1. Sentences begin with a cookie and end with a different cookie.
  2. Nouns are represented by emojis, and verbs are expressed by rotating a cookie (:cookie:, :last_quarter_moon_with_face:, :first_quarter_moon_with_face:, :full_moon_with_face:).
  3. Adjectives are represented by changing the cookie’s “flavor” (:cookie:, :chocolate_bar:, :doughnut:).
  4. Questions are formed by flipping a cookie upside down (:full_moon:).
  5. Conjunctions like “and” or “but” are expressed by stacking cookies.


  • I love cookies: :cookie::heart::cookie:
  • Happy dance with friends: :cookie::blush::dancer::busts_in_silhouette::cookie:
  • Eat cookies and laugh: :cookie::fork_and_knife::cookie: :cookie::cookie: :joy::cookie:
  • Do you love magic?: :full_moon::heart::sparkles::full_moon:
  • Magical cookie adventure: :cookie::sparkles::national_park::cookie:

How to Say “Thank You” in CookieSpeak:

  • Thank you for the cookies!: :cookie::first_quarter_moon_with_face::heart::cookie::cookie::last_quarter_moon_with_face::cookie:


CookieSpeak is a lighthearted and fun language that can be used to communicate simple thoughts and emotions using cookies and various symbols. It’s a playful way to engage with others and can be expanded with new vocabulary and rules as desired. Enjoy speaking in cookies! :cookie::blush::cookie:

I ran some tests before with creating a “dragon” language with grammar and what not.

Has anyone done anything similar? Any good prompts you’ve come up with for generating a new “language” with a model?

It took Tolkien a lot longer for his language(s), I bet!


Feeding it back nonsense and it tried to decode heh…


I get a similar form of output by asking a similar question, so AI is likely following tuning. Let’s go another way.

You are a languages expert : various independent gpt-3.5-turbo-16k prompts to make “emoji language vocab”

Nouns Verbs Adverbs Adjectives More
:wave: - Greeting :running_man: - Run :point_right: - Here :fire: - Hot :star2: - Bright
:wave:t3: - Greeting :walking_man: - Walk :point_left: - There :snowflake: - Cold :fireworks: - Sparkling
:wave:t4: - Greeting :eyes: - Look :point_up_2: - Up :sun_with_face: - Sunny :sparkler: - Dazzling
:wave:t5: - Greeting :ear: - Listen :point_down: - Down :cloud_with_rain: - Rainy :balloon: - Colorful
:wave:t6: - Greeting :speaking_head: - Speak :+1: - Yes :ocean: - Watery :gift: - Gifted
:blush: - Happiness :open_book: - Read :-1: - No :evergreen_tree: - Green :birthday: - Delicious
:pensive: - Sadness :writing_hand: - Write :pray: - Please :cherry_blossom: - Pink :mortar_board: - Educated
:joy: - Laughter :art: - Draw :eyes: - Clearly :hibiscus: - Red :movie_camera: - Cinematic
:heart_eyes: - Love :clapper: - Film :loud_sound: - Loudly :rainbow: - Colorful :red_car: - Fast
:rage: - Anger :microphone: - Sing :mute: - Quietly :milky_way: - Dark :bike: - Slow
:+1: - Approval :musical_note: - Play music :mantelpiece_clock: - Slowly :star2: - Bright :kick_scooter: - Convenient
:-1: - Disapproval :rocket: - Fly :alarm_clock: - Quickly :tada: - Celebratory :motor_scooter: - Efficient
:thinking: - Thought :swimming_man: - Swim :ok_hand: - Perfectly :gift: - Gifted :rocket: - Futuristic
:woman_shrugging: - Uncertainty :biking_man: - Cycle :clap: - Applaud :house: - Comfortable :hospital: - Medical
:pray: - Request :person_in_lotus_position: - Meditate :thinking: - Thoughtfully :office: - Tall :school: - Educational
:eyes: - Vision :sleeping_bed: - Sleep :woman_shrugging: - Indecisively :hospital: - Medical :european_castle: - Historical
:ear: - Hearing :plate_with_cutlery: - Eat :woman_facepalming: - Regretfully :ghost: - Scary :earth_africa: - Earthly
:speaking_head: - Speech :shower: - Shower :hugs: - Happily :alien: - Alien :milky_way: - Celestial
:open_book: - Reading :computer: - Work :pensive: - Sadly :lion: - Fierce :rainbow: - Colorful
:writing_hand: - Writing :wave: - Greet :blush: - Happily :elephant: - Majestic :cherry_blossom: - Blossoming
:art: - Drawing :handshake: - Shake hands :rage: - Angrily :dolphin: - Playful :hibiscus: - Blooming
:clapper: - Filming :hugs: - Hug :joy: - Hilariously :musical_note: - Musical :fire: - Fiery
:microphone: - Singing :muscle: - Exercise :heart_eyes: - Lovingly :guitar: - Rocking :boom: - Explosive
:musical_note: - Playing music :broom: - Clean :point_right: - Here :drum: - Rhythmic :droplet: - Droplet
:rocket: - Flying :woman_cook: - Cook :point_left: - There :tornado: - Tornado :dash: - Windy
:swimming_man: - Swimming :man_farmer: - Farm :point_up_2: - Up :ghost: - Ghostly :alien: - Alien
:biking_man: - Cycling :construction_worker_man: - Build :point_down: - Down :lion: - Lion
:person_in_lotus_position: - Meditation :woman_student: - Study :+1: - Yes :elephant: - Elephant
:sleeping_bed: - Sleep :man_teacher: - Teach :-1: - No :dolphin: - Dolphin
:plate_with_cutlery: - Eating :woman_health_worker: - Heal :pray: - Please :musical_note: - Musical
:shower: - Shower :man_scientist: - Experiment :eyes: - Clearly :microphone: - Microphone
:computer: - Working :woman_office_worker: - Manage :loud_sound: - Loudly :musical_keyboard: - Piano
:wave: - Greeting :man_office_worker: - Business :mute: - Quietly :guitar: - Guitar
:handshake: - Handshake :mantelpiece_clock: - Slowly :drum: - Drum
:sun_with_face: - Sun
:cloud_with_rain: - Rain
:snowflake: - Snow
:ocean: - Water
:evergreen_tree: - Tree
:hamburger: - Food
:pizza: - Pizza
:beer: - Beer
:wine_glass: - Wine
:doughnut: - Donut
:tada: - Celebration
:gift: - Gift
:birthday: - Birthday
:mortar_board: - Graduation
:movie_camera: - Movie
:red_car: - Car
:bike: - Bicycle
:kick_scooter: - Scooter
:motor_scooter: - Motorbike
:iphone: - Phone
:computer: - Computer
:camera: - Camera
:headphones: - Headphones
:tv: - TV
:house: - Home
:office: - Building
:hospital: - Hospital
:school: - School
:european_castle: - Castle
:earth_africa: - Earth
:milky_way: - Universe
:rainbow: - Rainbow
:cherry_blossom: - Flower
:hibiscus: - Blossom
:fire: - Fire
:boom: - Explosion
:droplet: - Drop
:dash: - Wind
:tornado: - Tornado
:ghost: - Ghost
:alien: - Alien
:lion: - Lion
:elephant: - Elephant
:dolphin: - Dolphin
:musical_note: - Music
:microphone: - Microphone
:musical_keyboard: - Piano
:guitar: - Guitar
:drum: - Drum
  1. :woman_student::open_book::eyes::cherry_blossom: - The student is reading about flowers.

  2. :biking_man::sun_with_face::point_right::house: - The cyclist is heading home in the sunshine.

  3. :pizza::beer::+1::blush: - Pizza and beer make me happy.

  4. :man_teacher::woman_student::speaking_head::ear::thinking: - The teacher is speaking and the student is listening thoughtfully.

  5. :musical_note::guitar::microphone::+1::clap: - The music is great and everyone is applauding.

  6. :cloud_with_rain::bust_in_silhouette::sleeping_bed::sleeping: - The person is sleeping while it’s raining outside.

  7. :hospital::woman_health_worker::eyes::broom: - The hospital is being cleaned by the nurse.

  8. :rocket::milky_way::alien::eyes: - The rocket is exploring the universe and looking for aliens.

  9. :gift::birthday::tada::family: - The family is celebrating a birthday with gifts and cake.

  10. :ocean::swimming_man::eyes::sun_with_face: - The swimmer is looking at the sun while in the water.

  11. :pizza::beer::dancing_men::heart_eyes: - I love eating pizza and drinking beer with my friends. In this translation, the compound emoji “:dancing_men:” is used to represent a group of friends.

  12. :sunny::blush: - The sun is shining brightly, and I feel happy. This translation uses the emoji “:sunny:” to represent the sun shining brightly.

  13. :beach_umbrella::swimming_woman::ocean: - I am going to the beach to swim in the ocean. In this translation, the compound emoji “:swimming_woman:” is used to represent a person swimming.

  14. :cat::sleeping::sleeping_bed: - The cat is sleeping peacefully on the cozy bed. This translation uses the emoji “:sleeping:” to represent sleeping.

  15. :movie_camera::popcorn::clapper::night_with_stars: - I am excited to watch a movie at the cinema tonight. In this translation, the compound emoji “:night_with_stars:” is used to represent nighttime.

  16. :cherry_blossom::hibiscus::blossom::herb: - The flowers in the garden are blooming beautifully. This translation uses the emojis “:cherry_blossom::hibiscus::blossom:” to represent different types of flowers.

  17. :broom::sponge::house::family: - I need to clean my room before my parents come home. In this translation, the emojis “:broom::sponge:” are used to represent cleaning tools.

  18. :fireworks::milky_way::star2: - The fireworks in the sky are mesmerizing. This translation uses the emojis “:fireworks::milky_way::star2:” to represent a dazzling night sky with fireworks.

  19. :woman_student::books::nerd_face: - I am studying hard to pass my exams. In this translation, the compound emoji “:woman_student:” is used to represent a student.

  20. :red_car::earth_africa::world_map::sun_with_face: - Let’s go on a road trip and explore new places. This translation uses the emoji “:world_map:” to represent a map.


Translation: “We can see that using a computer to make a new language can be an interesting thought experiment, but ultimately, the AI already has a semantic meaning it doesn’t deviate from when using known ideographs.”

Explanation of Emoji Language Grammar:

  • :busts_in_silhouette:: “We” - Represents a group of people.
  • :eyes:: “Can see” - The eyes emoji represents the act of seeing or observing.
  • :desktop_computer:: “Using a computer” - The computer emoji represents the use of a computer.
  • :star2:: “To make” - The star emoji represents the creation or making of something.
  • :speaking_head:: “A new language” - The speaking head emoji represents language.
  • :globe_with_meridians:: “Can be” - The globe emoji represents the concept of something being possible or feasible.
  • :thinking:: “An interesting thought experiment” - The thinking face emoji represents pondering or contemplating.
  • :test_tube:: “But ultimately” - The test tube emoji represents the idea of reaching a final conclusion.
  • :abc:: “The AI” - The ABCD emoji represents artificial intelligence.
  • :earth_africa:: “Already has” - The globe emoji represents possession or ownership.
  • :rainbow:: “A semantic meaning” - The rainbow emoji represents meaning or significance.
  • :robot:: “It doesn’t deviate from” - The robot emoji represents consistency or lack of deviation.
  • :abcd:: “When using” - The ABCD emoji represents the act of using or employing.
  • :no_entry_sign:: “Known ideographs” - The no entry sign emoji represents established or recognized symbols.
  • :ok_hand:: “Okay” - The okay hand emoji represents agreement or acceptance.
  • :brain:: “The sentence was constructed” - The brain emoji represents the process of constructing or forming.
  • :twisted_rightwards_arrows:: “In the emoji language grammar” - The shuffle tracks button emoji represents the concept of grammar or structure.
  • :books:: “Explanation” - The book emoji represents an explanation or clarification.

(I accidentally deleted “grammar rules” from the playground when recomposing and formatting…)


We need rules and examples, no? Alphabet and top 20 words an adventurer would need?

ChatGPT >>

Absolutely! Creating a comprehensive alphabet and a list of essential words is a key part of fleshing out “dragonSpeak.” Here’s a more detailed guide to help an adventurer communicate in this unique language:


Dragons might utilize more growling, hissing, or roaring sounds, so we’ll focus on those:

Consonants: K, R, G, S, Z, Th, V, N Vowels: A, O, U Special Characters: ’ (glottal stop, used to emphasize a break between sounds)

Grammar Rules:

  • Sentence structure follows a Subject-Verb-Object (SVO) pattern.
  • Adjectives follow the noun they modify.
  • Verbs can end with “-ar” for present, “-ir” for past, and “-ur” for future.

Top 20 Words and Phrases:

  1. Roar (Hello): “Roar!”
  2. Zuul (Treasure): “K’zuul nar” = “The treasure is mine.”
  3. Thak (Honor): “Thak’gar” = “With honor.”
  4. Gron (Fire): “Gron’sar” = “Fire burns.”
  5. Kur (Fly): “Kur’ur” = “Will fly.”
  6. Voss (Power): “Voss’gar” = “With power.”
  7. Nak (Yes): “Nak.”
  8. Sen (No): “Sen.”
  9. Rak (Help): “Rak’ar” = “I help.”
  10. Gath (Attack): “Gath’ir” = “Attacked.”
  11. Sor (Magic): “Sor’zuul” = “Magic treasure.”
  12. Var (Friend): “Var’gar” = “With friend.”
  13. Nuz (Enemy): “Nuz’gar” = “With enemy.”
  14. Tor (Peace): “Tor’sar” = “Peace reigns.”
  15. Uth (War): “Uth’ir” = “War happened.”
  16. Krak (Eat): “Krak’ur” = “Will eat.”
  17. Gor (Drink): “Gor’ar” = “I drink.”
  18. Daz (Sleep): “Daz’ir” = “Slept.”
  19. Vak (Danger): “Vak’nar” = “The danger is near.”
  20. Lok (Safe): “Lok’sar” = “Safety holds.”

Example Dialogue:

  • Adventurer: “Roar! Rak’ar?” (Hello! May I help?)
  • Dragon: “K’zuul nar. Vak’nar.” (The treasure is mine. Danger is near.)
  • Adventurer: “Thak’gar, Var’gar?” (With honor, can we be friends?)

Feel free to tweak or expand upon these rules and words to fit your specific campaign setting. With this basic structure, you should have a functional and immersive linguistic tool for both the Dungeon Master and players in your old school D&D game.

  • Roar (Hello): “Roar!”