Add user's vocabulary or reading level

I’m really fascinated by GPT-3 and how it could be used for language learning. I’m wondering how if anyone’s thought about how it could be used with software like Anki. I’d love something like being able to input my vocabulary (exported from Anki), and then have GPT-3 chat with me, but using my vocabulary.

Anyone play with ideas like this, and if so, any tips/ideas for how to teach this to GPT-3? I think the vocabulary gets too big to input into the prompt (for the language I’m learning it’s about 1000 words).

I would particularly fine-tune a davinci model for this task. Input your vocabulary and suggest the output in your vocabulary (eg. import a whatsapp chat with someone that has the same one)
The longer the list, the better.
However, don’t quote me on this.