Constantly have to regenerate

During a conversation, I frequently get errors halfway through responses. It happens at least every 4th or 5th response per conversation. It generally works fine after I click regenerate, though sometimes it takes a couple of regenerations.
Anyone else experiencing this for the past few weeks? It is consistently happening on multiple devices.
I’ve only noticed it on GPT-4, but I rarely use 3.5 (only when I go over the usage limit).

Same here. It driving me nuts.

Yes always issues with connection, but also some chats lose the ability to see context of the chat and then give a standard answer telling me they are here to help for whatever I need of them, completely disconnected from the whole chat.

I am having exactly the same issue. It get’s part way through the response, then I have to regenerate between 3 and 6 times before I get a complete response. Then of course I have to wait an hour before I can use it again.