Constant Captcha Issues - New User

So am I supposed to be getting constant Captcha’s to verify my humanity or did I do something I’d ought not have done? Just bought into plus so I could try making images with Dalle-3 and did so quite a bit but now I’m getting verified with every regeneration or so on. Did I gen too many images at once? I’m just sort of irritated and genuinely disillusioned if that is the case.


As I don’t have the problem I can only give advice. This is a recurring problem for some and they are just as frustrated. I do see note of VPN in several of the post. My advice is to search the Related Topics noted below and see what others are noting.

Note: I am not an OpenAI employee so my information is as limited as yours.

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I’ll try turning off my VPN to see if that helps. I keep it on out of habit.

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This seems to be the issue as it no longer is asking for Captcha. Thank you for assisting me!