Use ChatGPT to read and analyze past emails in inbox

I would like to be able to ask ChatGPT to read emails in my inbox from a certain date range from specific users and have it summarize them.

I have looked at Zapier, and it appears all of their email actions are based on incoming emails received. I don’t want the zap to be triggered by incoming emails. I want the app to be triggered when I ask ChatGPT to search for emails.

I know that there are parser accounts that require you to forward your email to them. I want to parse emails already in the inbox of my existing email account.

Furthermore, I don’t want to use Gmail. I have a Zimbra email account I wish to use instead.

Is this even possible, and if so, how?


Does Gmail allow you to export your own mail? Might have to export it locally then parse it and send to an API endpoint? Sounds useful, tho!

Although… the ChatGPT history window always full and cluttered is the new ever-full email Inbox problem heh… I’m hoping they add a simple search / keyword filter soon for old chats. It’s easy to get those clogged up too.

Good luck on our quest. Please come back to let us know if you get it figured out.

It is possible to connect your email with ChatGPT by using Actions in GPT builder.

I wrote a simple REST API server, that gives access to email by using actions in custom GPT. It has two options to read_email and send_email. It doesnt have search endpoint as you described, but it can be easily added.

The code is open source, available on GitHub GitHub - pplonski/mail4gpt: REST API service for ChatGPT to access your email ✉️🦜


Has anyone solved this? I am keen to do the same thing, but I use Gmail. I want to read all the emails with a specific person (My ex-wife) and summarize their content, tone and highlight inconsistencies.


I haven’t looked further into it. My thought is, if you email client’s api supports something that would allow you to retrieve the emails posted by a particular person, you could create a function which retrieves those to ChatGPT or a gpt api.

The other option, which just dawned on me, is that if you can simply create an export of these emails in your client UI, download, save, then upload to ChatGPT.

I would agree on this one. Instead of waiting for an integration, especially gmail, do a quick search via the name… export and combine into a PDF. Then upload into a chat and be clear on what you want to do from there.

I’ve done this with a lawsuit, took me 15 or so minutes, combined emails into a large Google Doc, exported as PDF and then uploaded and viola… it was fairly simple and easier than reading each email for specifics.

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I just tried this in my Zimbra client, downloaded the emails as a PDF and uploaded to Anthropic (just because it has a larger context window). Works perfectly. You get get an overall summary or ask for details on any topic you wish. It’s great!

Great…glad that worked. Sometimes being simple gets the same thing done and the complex nerdy stuff

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