Use ChatGPT to read and analyze past emails in inbox

I would like to be able to ask ChatGPT to read emails in my inbox from a certain date range from specific users and have it summarize them.

I have looked at Zapier, and it appears all of their email actions are based on incoming emails received. I don’t want the zap to be triggered by incoming emails. I want the app to be triggered when I ask ChatGPT to search for emails.

I know that there are parser accounts that require you to forward your email to them. I want to parse emails already in the inbox of my existing email account.

Furthermore, I don’t want to use Gmail. I have a Zimbra email account I wish to use instead.

Is this even possible, and if so, how?


Does Gmail allow you to export your own mail? Might have to export it locally then parse it and send to an API endpoint? Sounds useful, tho!

Although… the ChatGPT history window always full and cluttered is the new ever-full email Inbox problem heh… I’m hoping they add a simple search / keyword filter soon for old chats. It’s easy to get those clogged up too.

Good luck on our quest. Please come back to let us know if you get it figured out.