Conncting GPT-3 to Blender

I was wondering if connecting GPT-3 to Blender was possible and if so could someone explain how to do it in a step by step basis imagining that I know nothing.

many thanks!


Blender has a Python API; so that should work well with the OpenAI API.
Blender also has command line tool.. With these two options you could:

  1. Create an add-on extension with the API; this would make your program accessible in Blender when you open the program. It could also be installed by other users. This would require you host the program so that your API key isn’t exposed in the add-on code.
  2. Write a function or create a that you can call from command line. This would be a good place to start testing ideas, I think.

It sounds very exciting…I love Blender and have many times yearned for more generative tools and simplified workflow.


Be interesting to see what we could come up with, just been imaging a future where people could look through a catalog of items and just type / items name then AI-Blender-3D Printer. Future is now!


The Codex API could be useful for generating Blender Python API code. Here’s a quick example that generates a UI panel in Blender from a comment:

Playground Example
Loom Video

Would be exciting to see what a Codex plugin in Blender could do!