GPT-3 Model Download

Is there a way to download GPT-3 model? If yes, please specify any documentation.


You can download GPT-2, but not GPT-3. The latter is only accessible via the API.


Hi Paul, I have not used an API before. Please can you explain how this works? For example, is it a program we have to create within an interface, or a server environment set up on our own computers?

I have FTP access to websites on a Web Host, but I have not set up a server environment. When I tried this (on my Mac) in the past, it didn’t seem to work.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

The API is on the server-side, which is part of the OpenAI infrastructure.

The coding by you (developers) is done on the client side, at your desktop, for example.

No, OpenAI provides the “interface” as a service.

No, you don’t need a server environment on your end.

Not sure what you tried on your mac; but I develop a lot of code using the OpenAI API all on the Mac.

I think your main issue is you are not familiar with REST APIs

Maybe give a few online tutorial a go, @Lord-Flashheart ?

For example:

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Thank you. I was anticipating that it might be something a bit like this. Unfortunately, I am not a ‘coder’ and can only write HTML and CSS, so this is going to be massive learning curve for me.

So far, my tests of ChatGPT have been able to generate some passages of a fiction story, and also carry out some basic keyword research. The story content generation has been very useful, and this is my main reason for using it.

Q : What can GPT-3 do, that ChatGPT cannot do?

If the only difference between the two is the interface, then I will skip GPT-3 and stay on ChatGPT.
Thanks for reading

@Lord-Flashheart ,

ChatGPT is a web app (you can access it in your browser) designed specifically for chatbot applications—and optimized for dialogue. It relies on GPT-3 to produce text, like explaining code or writing poems. GPT-3, on the other hand, is a language model, not an app.

So, yes, you are right, ChatGPT is an interface, through which you are accessing the power/ capabilities of GPT-3

Hi i’m not use GPT-3 how can i learn?

Example of python codes and what is the relation with gpt