Compliance GDPR


Regarding GDPR compliance, OpenAI Terms of Use (article 5.c) mention that we have to contact [] to execute a Data Processing Addendum.

I can’t reach the support department (no answer).

Do you have more information on how to contact the support department regarding the GDPR commitments?

Thank you.


Just writing to share that I’m having the same experience with trying to execute a DPA and/or asking for our content to be opt out of sharing according to the TOS. No response from chat nor the email address so far. An alternative I’ve been exploring instead is going through MS Azure’s version - but there’s a lot of steps involved in that, too.

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Do you have more details regarding the “MS Azure option” ? Do you know how to get more information about this option ? Thank you

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There is more information on Microsoft’s site here: What is Azure OpenAI? - Azure Cognitive Services | Microsoft Learn

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Hi there,

In our app we are not collecting any user data, like first name, last name address etc.

However, we want to enable AdSense on it. Do we still need to be GDPR compliant and put up GDPR notice?

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Give me your email, I may have an answer to your question.