GDPR Compliance


Regarding GDPR compliance, OpenAI Terms of Use (article 5.c) mention that we have to contact [] to execute a Data Processing Addendum.

I never got an answer when I asked them by email about this.

Does anyone have more information to get more elements from OpenAI on the commitments in terms of GDPR (insofar as it is mandatory for the processing of personal data in Europe)?

Thank you.


Hi, FrG,

I am also interested in the same topic, and since it seems no one answered your question here, I’m curious if you’ve received any information pertaining to your question via email or another communication channel, perhaps from


I have not yet received an answer from Hopefully soon.

An employee of OpenAI responded to a similar question here General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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However, It is possible that this method would not work if you are planning on using the API for processing personal data as Data Processing agreements have been in place for many years to try and circumvent GDPR rules. There have been some court rulings dealing with this that have rendered Data processing agreements ineffective. In short, if the personal data is being sent outside the EU, there is a problem. There might be a solution to this with AZURE-OPENAI integration which I’m looking into. But the most ideal scenario would be OpenAI getting a server in the EU sometime soon.