Compatibility Issues with Desktop App on Mac

Hi everyone,

I’m a ChatGPT Plus user and recently downloaded the file to install the desktop app on my Mac. However, when I try to install it on my 2020 iMac running macOS Sora 14.5, I get a message saying it’s not compatible with my Mac.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? What are the compatible operating systems for the ChatGPT desktop app?

Any guidance or solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Sorry to hear that. The chatGPT app is only available for apple silicon, meaning people with Intel based Mac’s are out of luck. OpenAI is not planning on releasing a version of the app for intel Macs.


@N2U That seems like an awful idea not to support Intel architecture on Macs.

There is still a substantial & non-ignorable user base on Intel Mac machines - still a lot larger than Apple Silicon.

That is disappointing to hear.


I wouldn’t agree with that statement. The last Intel based Mac was released in 2021… that’s still almost 4 years ago. ChatGPT in its most basic form wasn’t released until November 2022.

From a development standpoint and knowing what AI is going to need in the future, it makes sense to build on / for the current and most cutting-edge technology. Most application developers are also actively transitioning to Apple Silicon, as the use of services like Rosetta 2 are really just a crutch until developers catch up and I’m certain it’ll be removed from future macOS releases… maybe even within the next 2 years at the rate that these new devices are being adopted.

I have a 2 Intel Macs in my studio, but when Apple announced Apple Silicon, I waited a year or so for the right machine to be released, which will replace my main workhorse with the full understanding that future-proofing was the main objective… performance was a bonus.

Maybe when the Windows version of the desktop app comes out, you might be able to find some Wine version of it or run it via Bootcamp… Assuming of course that OpenAI doesn’t decide to release an Intel version separate from the Apple Silicon version.

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I’m confused. I downloaded the app through the provided link and it goes all the way to me logging in but when I try to log in, it says that I don’t have access to the app yet.
I’m using the Mac Mini M2, everything is updated, and I have the premium plan for ChatGPT.
Am I missing something?

Hi @dhill11promax and welcome to the community.

Some of us have been able to gain access by using cmd-Q to close the application as soon as the app window expands after you are redirected back to it from the web login page. Hope this helps.


I was confused about how you were explaining that to me but somehow I did what you said and it worked! You are the literal best!!! Thank you so much for your help, I truly appreciate it.

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You guys are life-savers and thank you for posting this. It worked for me too!!!


As a Plus supporter, it would be great to see the app made available to the large existing user base on Intel Macs as well. Many of us have relatively new, capable Intel machines that we plan to continue using for some time.

I respectfully request that OpenAI consider compiling the app for Intel Macs in a future update if possible, even if some advanced features require Apple Silicon. This would make the app accessible to more users and customers.


Well f*you Open AI,

A few months ago, I made my own little ChatGPT app in Automator (with the help of ChatGPT). Today, as I’m working in ChatGPT, I see a spammy little popup window that open AI has an official app now…So when I go to download and put it in my application folder, it overwrote my own app. Come to find out, their app doesn’t work on my intel-mac for some reason and now I have to redo my original app.

OpenAI should never have put a direct download to this app. They should have linked to the apple App store, that or link to a page that stated the compatibility, then it would have been obviously clear that their app wasn’t compatible with my machine.

I spent 8k on my intel mac in 2001, I’m not planning on buying a new mac for another 10 years or so. If OpenAI can’t, unwilling, or is too lazy to make a desktop version available to us, then their not as smart they’d like us to believe.

That or they’re secretly working with Apple to get people into buying newer machines…


Bro, you don’t mess around. Both with cost of computer and the patience to wait to get a computer once every ( let’s see… 2001 to 2024 that’s 23 years plus ten more years as you mention so that’s 33 years ) the patience to get a new computer every 33 years! :raised_hands: I do miss my apple cube from 2001 :thinking:

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I too am having problems in launching the app on my i9 MacBook Pro. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just do it for all MacBooks processors, like 70-80% MacBook users still running on intel chips


I’m on a MacBook Air M2 with latest Sonoma, no download link is shown.

You have no idea what you’re talking about

I was responding to the user where they said it’s a “bad idea to not support Intel Macs” - what was misunderstood?

I strongly disagree. Macs are not computers with Windows witch needs to be replaced every one or two years.
Mac users can enjoy their computers for at least 8 years without visible performance issues.
Although, I understand the group of ppl who loves upgrading the equipment with every release, however, that is minority.
OpenAI -shame!


But if it’s any reassurance, the desktop app absolutely sucks, so ur not missing out. At least not at the moment.

 So maybe you think an APP developed in 2024 should not work on any system before current year? This is how companies should see the users/markets? 
 And.. oh, do you really think this ChatGPT app has some kind of embedded AI?  This is actually just a frontend from their APIs, and this makes it possible to run on any device produced after 1997 with internet connection. The only restriction is maybe the certificates/security. Even an AirFrier could run this app, if the developers want. The problem is actually the partnership with Apple, where Apple could ask OpenAI to restrict to Apple Silicon to enforce users upgrade$.
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If this isn’t a team up with Apple to get people to upgrade (which one might say is ‘smart’) then it’s incredibly dumb. If you’re paying for plus, you’re paying to use OpenAI hardware, local hardware should be irrelevant. Luckily there’s plenty of solutions on GitHub that are Mac hardware agnostic. Any hardware that can do ChatGPT in the browser, can also run it in a tidy UI wrapper.