Join CyberFilm AI!

Looking for a new teammate who understands Prompt Engineering, and has used the DALL-E 2 service.

We will use the eventual API (from OpenAI) to build apps and websites. Available this summer '22.

Must enjoy movies and film - creating and bringing stories to life through Media

Read more on our company vision here: How AI can benefit Hollywood and solve its most pressing needs (Part 1/3) | by Russell S.A. Palmer | Medium

We’re a fun company to work at, and respect equity and inclusivity fully. We believe in pairing industry experience with smart coders to build an impactful start-up company. We want to change the world of filmmaking for the better, using AI/ML and Hard Tech like web3.


Hey Russell,

Interested in your post. I am very adept at prompt construction. Been using dalle2, and I am very interested in film.

Curious what the job is :slight_smile:

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