Codepilot: I added codepilot to the React codebase and

I added Codepilot to the React Codebase and here’s what happened…

First some stats:

  • I indexed 1852 files totaling around 10mb in size.
  • Indexing time took 87 minutes at a cost of around $0.34 to generate the embeddings.
  • The in memory footprint for the generated index is 237.5mb and the on disk footprint is 248mb.

The entire index (for all of React) easily fits in memory so now what can you ask it to do?

I’ve only asked it to do one things so far… Create a cool new hook and this is what it spit out which seems pretty good:

What else should I ask it to do?


Nice. I wonder if other libraries/languages could be pre-calculated then shared?

It’s interesting that you say that because I’m pretty sure I know how to get Codepilot to reason over every single codebase on GitHub simultaneously… This is a crazy crazy idea and I’m still crunching the math for the scale but you could easily reason over large swaths of GitHub.