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I haven’t had time to learn how to use GPT-3 since being accepted. I’ve been busy trying to upgrade a React Native project for work.

But I’d like to throw this out there… has anyone tried, or is it possible to have this AI find compatible NodeJS libraries?

For instance, if I provided an outdated package.json, and instruct that I want to upgrade one of the libraries to a specific version, do you think I could get all the other library versions that people have used along with the specific one I’m trying to upgrade?

Package1: v1.24
Package2: v2.8
Package3: v0.59.9

I want to upgrade Package3 to v0.62.5
For the rest of the libraries, I would like to know which versions are compatible with Package3, v.0.62.5

That would be cool.
It’d be cooler if I could get it to fix the breaking changes in my code, lol

Anyone ever attempted this?



Hello @chrisLiiingo,

Good question!

Presently, Codex will write code quite well and will, for the most part, include libraries when asked to import it, or even indirectly when it detects a strong relationship between the needed library and the written code.

However, I don’t think Codex can really differentiate differences between specific libraries or perform cross-library compatibility checks to ensure multiple libraries of specific versions are compatible since that would require Codex to fully memorize each version of a package, and then test it with every other package on that list.

A hackish way to sort to accomplish this, if I had to provide my best guess, would be to use what Codex knows and was trained on to engineer a prompt that tasks Codex with providing you the libraries needed for your React Native project. Theoretically, this would provide you with the libraries needed. From there, you could then ask Codex to try and update each library version and see if Codex has learned or picked up detecting dependency conflicts, however, Codex is highly unlikely to successfully cross-reference each library for compatibility.

If you’re trying to utilize Codex in order to create tools that can assist in performing cross-library compatibility checks, then this is most definitely something that’s worth pursuing. Lots of organizations and developers use automated testing to complete a Requirements Traceability Matrix in order to see which libraries work with one another but perhaps there is a better way to accomplish this!

Hope this helped!

Side-Note: I have found much success with getting Codex to provide a list of top Python modules that perform the desired function and providing the description of each module too using my preset here: OpenAI API. You may be able to do the same with React Native libraries!

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Thanks @DutytoDevelop!

This helps indeed. I think this would be beneficial to so many people.

Now I just need to find the time to do some research. :slight_smile:

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