ChatML Documentation Update

Hi team,

I noticed that the ChatML definition file has been removed from the OpenAI Python repository after v1.0.

What are the plans with ChatML in the future? When can we expect it to be updated and published again?

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The “future” was already not releasing the new container format and tokens used in models since 0613.

The future (that is now the past) is also hitting the -0301 model with changes, likely giving it a token container it was not trained on, evidenced by first major break in the model and completely new sequences detected upon examination, and now still degraded quality after a week of completely breaking developer applications with such changes.

If they were “open” they would document all, and put the chat model on a completion endpoint. They are not open.


Hey @hanchung.lee, I would not expect this to be published again in the future, there might be something that comes up which prompts us to do so, but not current plans.


Hi @logankilpatrick ,

Thank you for the response. That’s unfortunate to hear that we won’t get an update on ChatML. I believe a public version of ChatML would be extremely beneficial to the whole ecosystem.