GPT 3.5-turbo May 12 version availability in API

I noticed that the May 12 ChatGPT version on UI website has been giving far better results than the gpt-3.5-turbo model on the API, however, it seems to not be available on the API.

Is there any expected date it would be available? along with the default configuration used in the UI website?

I don’t see anything in the changelog (ChatGPT — Release Notes | OpenAI Help Center) that would lead me to expect different results from gpt-3.5-turbo since the May 12 ChatGPT updates, nor do I see an updated model listed in the API docs. You’d probably want to keep an eye on that section in the docs for any updates.

Thanks for replying @dliden ,
I considered the links that you mentioned while making the post too, but the results are of vastly better quality now.
Maybe OpenAI team changed the default parameters of the API call in the last update leading to better performance? Do you know the latest config used by the ChatGPT UI?