Legacy Property of gpt-4-0314 model

Why is it that API version gpt-4-0314 is labeled as legacy but is incapable of performing the legacy Completion task of openai.Completion.create instead of just openai.ChatCompletion.create. My goal is to log the probabilities and with versions such as text-davinci-003 I was able to specify the parameter “logprobs”. If this version of gpt-4 is in fact incapable of performing the completion task, is there another one that could with the capability of logging the probabilities? This would mean a lot and I haven’t found any questions or information about this. It felt misleading to see the description of the model be “(Legacy)” yet not have access to the Legacy feature of just “completion”. I might be severely misreading too of course. I’m just hoping to clear up the confusion and find a solution. Thank you.

They are both legacy, as-in they are going away at some point. But they are still fundamentally different models for different tasks.

logprobs are supposedly coming

Thank you for your explanation! Would there happen to be an estimated time for this closure?

Unfortunately no, that blog post is all we’ve got so far (and that was from awhile ago)