ChatGPT4 40/3hr cap is crap


where to address criticism? I’m a vivid GPT4 Plus creator. Paying happily 20 Bucks a Month but getting capped all the time is just super annoying.
I do understand they wanna make money - sure there you have it. But there is no upgrade for a single user to have more. I thought I could pay 30$ per month and getting a team membership with a team of only one person to get a higher cap -not possible. I also tried to give multiple requests in one prompt instead of on request at a time to save prompts but this usually degrades the quality.

I’m subcriber of the first hour (at least what was possible in EU) and still all the caps. I’m seriously thinking to try other AIs without caps. I can’t work with lows request caps.
I’m also using the API. But with the API you cant build custom webGPTs (the official ones)

How to reach out to the entitled OpenAI guys? there is no “contactme” button anywhere.