Terrible small usage limit for GPT 4 am I the only frustrated person?


I would like to know if it’s just me extremely disappointed with the usage limit for GPT 4, with a Chat GPT Plus paid version?

With this absolutely terribly small usage limit:

  • Posting a question to GPT 4 every now and then? You can do that.

  • Programming? Not possible!

  • A longer discussion about a topic? Not possible!

  • A voice chat that lasts longer than 15 minutes? Not possible!

  • Create more than one custom GPT (including a short test)? Not possible!

  • Do you want to use a custom GPT for conversations with short answers through GPT 4? Not possible at all!

  • Actively summarize different video transcripts? Only possible to a very limited extent!

  • translate everything that I want to read within 3 hours for easier reading? Not possible!

  • Use GPT 4 in all kinds of everyday situations? Not possible!


  • Pay for a team account as a single private person? 12 x 50 billed annually 600 ? Not possible!
  • Enterprise account for a private person? Not possible!
  • Use the paid Chat GPT Plus subscription? Not possible!

Are there any other solutions?
That don’t involve producing even more costs in addition to the existing Plus subscription?

Are there more people like me? Are you also frustrated about this?
I have the feeling that a few people need to speak up in order to achieve something here.

  • Purchase prepaid credits for API for developers.

  • write code to chat with an AI

  • pay from $0.001 to $1.30 per question (or more with agents performing tasks)