Usage Cap with GPT-4? I'm paying for this!

I’m a paid user of GPT-4, but I’m getting a usage cap?

I understand that all subscribers are getting such a cap for their paid version.

This is such a put off, and I am re-thinking the wisdom of subscribing to ChatGPT instead of Copilot, Claude or Gemini.

This is extremely frustrating.

Can you please remove the cap?

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What’s worse, they seem to have implemented a variable cap. This raises my stress levels during work as you never know when you might lose your ability to use the service you pay for. I just noticed I’ve used all my ‘allowed’ number of prompts, and I haven’t even spent 25 of them in the last 2 hours. This is just terrible. They can now increase the cap invisibly for anyone they wish to and take it away from those they wish to. It’s the opposite of being transparent and it hurts my productivity.

Is this why we get the random

Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong.

and it just sits there and won’t generate anything no matter the prompt and clicking regenerate for hours…