ChatGPT will now answer your questions inside Freeciv web

ChatGTP will now answer your questions inside FCIV.NET, the free 3D Freeciv web version!

This fine AI seems to know the game concept, rules, as well as the current game, active players, nations, cities and units.

How can we use ChatGTP even more inside Freeciv?

Source code: GitHub - fciv-net/fciv-net: the 3D version of the Freeciv strategy game


I was thinking about this a bit last night…

I wonder if you could have the talks between leaders be ChatGPT… During the convo, you can track and rate the responses / chat and then have turbo or another model “Grade” the exchange as one of X values that translate well into game terms?

Also… maybe a strategy button… You feed GPT game data about player’s current situation and ask for a strategy to get better? Ack just looked at screenshot closely and this is what you’ve got already. Haha. I need sleep! :wink:

Looking good, though!

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