ChatGPT website vertical scrolling, history area, etc

After using the down arrow to go to the bottom, I cannot drag the slider in the vertical scroll bar anymore because it is hidden by the prompt area. I would have to use mouse middle button to scroll up or click the bar somewhere many times in order to see the slider. The very narrow scroll bar is another problem. Any merits to design a website that way?

There are so many ways to improve the UI. I am not a UI expert, but I can even offer a more user -friendly design: two frames, one for the prompt and the other for the response, both with easy-to-use sliders. In fact, it’s better to make the entire response page draggable.

In the history area, I need to click 3 times in order to delete a single chat. Why don’t you just keep all the buttons visible all the time and introduce checkboxes for bulk deletion?

When I click my username, I have to pop up a window to do a task. Why don’t you just present one page covering everything, “Clear conversations”, “My plan”, “Settings”, etc. No need to pop up a window for each task. You could save people time.