Browser: auto-scrolling problem in chatGPT + an idea for proper visualization

Currently, when chatGPT responds, the page scrolls. A scrolling text might be difficult to read. What I do to mitigate this visualization issue is: I wait for the first few lines to appear and then scroll the page a little backwards to disable autoscrolling.

This is fine at first, but it becomes very annoying when you need to do this trick for just every reply.

On the other hand, disabling auto-scrolling is not an option. In this case, you would have to scroll manually every time, including scenarios when you switch to another tab to wait until the response is fully received and then switch back.


There might be an option to start every reply from “a new page”. Just like what chatGPT already does when you start a new chat.

Let me show what I mean.

Imagine I entered a prompt:

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And chatGPT starts to reply:

What is happening here is it’s scrolling the page with every new line.

But if I start a new chat, see what happens.

Step 1, I finished entering a prompt:

Step 2, chatGPT starts replying in “a new page”:

My proposition is to make this behaviour available not only for the first question-answer pair but for the entire chat.

However, I don’t see a good reason to show my question on the response page, so I’d also hide the question. What if takes a lot of space, right?

And in those rare cases when you forget your own question, just scroll back a little, right?

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