About the https://chat.openai.com/ user interface

Considering the everyday ChatGPT interface that is used by millions of people…

Could you please adjust the proportions between the margins and the content area? We are using screens with resolutions superior to the old XGA resolution, after all. This would likely be a quick fix, perhaps taking around 10 minutes of CSS work.

Another 10-minute task might involve addressing the issue where the text disappears if you switch to an older conversation. A JavaScript confirmation dialog could be added, or the content could be preserved on the browser side.

Additionally, a quick 5-minute change could be to replace the SHIFT+ENTER command with simply ENTER, and to make submissions possible only through the submit button. I suspect that a significant amount of time, effort, and energy (on both side) is wasted when users accidentally press ENTER instead of SHIFT+ENTER before they have finished typing their prompt. This leads to GPT starting to compute an unfinished task, which isn’t useful for the user.