ChatGPT Team - are chats really not used to train models?

Interesting observation in dev tools console:

My cocncern is - are our data really safe whe we are using Team Plan?


I don’t see that display in my environment, but just to be sure, could you please check if “Chat training” is turned ON and let me know?


In case you were curious, this setting is still sent even when ChatGPT client is in “no history” mode.


In Team plan it’s impossible to turned it on :wink:

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Does it mean, that only a setting is on, but data is safe? I am trying to understand what OAI is doing :wink: And this is critical if there is some ‘bug’, which causes the query data in the Team plan and in"no history" mode, the data is still used by OpenAI for training…

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Just in case, I thought it would be better to handle this issue as a problem on Bugcrowd rather than asking directly in the help section, so I reported it with the following two possibilities in mind:

  • The response data only indicates that “training is allowed”, but in reality it’s not being used as training data.
  • As the response data indicates, it’s actually being used as training data.

Within a few hours, I received a response stating that it “does not pose a security risk to the platform” and that the vulnerability was “not applicable”.

To be sure, I followed up with a question asking for confirmation that conversation histories are not used as training data, but there was no additional response on Bugcrowd (maybe I asked in the wrong place).

As the “Not Applicable” designation indicates, this is not considered confidential, so I am sharing my experience here for your reference.

The following two points need to be considered:

  • The ChatGPT Team service is subject to the same “Business Terms” and " Enterprise Privacy Policy" as the “OpenAI API” and “ChatGPT Enterprise”.
  • If it’s actually used as training data, it would be a serious negligence on the part of OpenAI.

I think an explanation from OpenAI is urgently needed, but personally I am not too worried about it.

For those who are concerned, I recommend not to use confidential information with the ChatGPT Team until an explanation is provided by OpenAI.

If I ask a question to OpenAI help and get an answer, I will let you know.

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Thank You for your engagement and all the information.

Yeah, I hope that this is exactly this case:


I know trust portal: and I hope that there isn’t any security breach in this situation.
I thought that maybe here someone from OpenAI will answer, but I see that have to contact with support.

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