ChatGPT API - Data Privacy

We are currently exploring the integration of AI capabilities into some of our enterprise applications via third-party APIs. However, we have concerns about data privacy and security. Specifically, we are worried that using these APIs might expose our database to external entities, potentially compromising our data privacy.

Here are some specific questions we have:

  1. Data Transmission: When we send data to the AI API, how can we ensure that the data is securely transmitted and not intercepted by unauthorized parties?
  2. Data Storage: Does the AI provider store the data we send? If so, what measures do they take to protect our data from breaches or unauthorized access?
  3. Data Usage: How can we ensure that our data is not being used for purposes beyond the specific API calls we make? Are there any best practices or contractual clauses we should consider to protect our data?

We appreciate any insights or recommendations on how to approach this integration securely. Thank you!

Welcome @szkutnik.leandro

There’s the ChatGPT app which is an direct-to-user product from OpenAI and the OpenAI API which is OpenAI’s developer product which devs can integrate into their own products.

The usage of both of these are governed by the OpenAI usage policy.

Here’s how OpenAI uses your data.

OpenAI has also shared its safety best practices and production best practices for building products with the API.

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In addition to the excellent reply from @sps you will find lots of relevant information for compliance reasons using the following links.

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