ChatGPT stuck after coversation too long message

My ChatGPT account is stuck. Maybe I had a very long conversation history and an error was thrown. After that I am not able to open the chatgpt interface. Nothing is loading except the chat text box

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I am having the same issue - interface is completely stuck. Cannot access any conversations or start new ones

ok. so I am not the only one facing this issue. I thought something I did broke it for me :smile:

Same with me. Thought i did something. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Same :frowning:
I hope developers can fix it as fast as possible.

Me too, I am a plus user and having this issue :pensive::pensive:, the conversion moves very slow; it’s like the whole website is lagging !! If the new work is slow, then its chat completion is slow, but even when I try to scroll the page, I see this lag!

Most of the time, it’s stuck like this, and after some time, if I am lucky if the response is complete, then it’s all good, or I will have to regenerate the whole response !!