ChatGPT Plus not accessing the internet

I see that GPT4 with the Plus subscription is supposed to be able to access the internet now. I can use it just fine with Enterprise bing at work, but when I log in to my personal account I get the same message about “Cannot access the internet, 2022 training model, etc”

Can someone help me figure out why this is a problem for me?

To enable Browse with Bing in your Beta Features setting.

  • Click on ‘Settings & Beta’

  • Select ‘Beta features’

  • Toggle on ‘Browse with Bing’

Choose Browse with Bing in the model selector under GPT-4.

My apologies, I can use it just fine in Bing.
I meant when I log in to my personal account at chat.openai Plus account. I can get hyperlinks but I still often get the message about only being trained up to 2022, so perhaps I was hoping for a real-time search and maybe it’s not.

The ChatGPT web browser feature (for up-to-date answering) is named “browse with Bing”. I can see the source of confusion.

okay, I really appreciate you for answering that. I was rather confused as I use the GPT plus always since I prefer it to bing just for aesthetics.

Thanks again for your answer


It’s January 2024, and I tried to ask ChatGPT 4 to assess ChatGPT API pricing, and this is what I got:

I understand your request for the most current pricing information. However, as of my last update in April 2023, I don’t have the capability to access or retrieve real-time data from the internet or external databases.

How is this possible? Why doesn’t it browse the Internet?

Although there is a browsing function, there may be situations where it pretends to be inaccessible for various reasons, such as network load and accidental access to prohibited sites.

Or there may be a misunderstanding that the model cannot access to net.

I think this is what is commonly referred to as the “lazy” phenomenon.

There is tons of fine-tune and anti-hallucination to keep AI models that CAN’T natively browse the internet from fabricating information. Then OpenAI gave the particular users of ChatGPT Plus that function.

The way that language AI works (predicting the most likely text that follows), it can also do a good job of pretending it did something it has no capability for, thus returning untruthful information.

You can phrase your specific request “use your browse tool to search for and analyze…X.”

You can also ask on the forum for such comparative information about pricing, which here I compile and demonstrate for ranked comparison by showing the price of one million tokens of usage.

Model Training 1M Input usage 1M Output usage 1M Context Length
GPT-3.5-turbo-1106 $n/a $1.00 $2.00 16k (4k out)
GPT-3.5-turbo $n/a $1.50 $2.00 4k
GPT-3.5-turbo-16k $n/a $3.00 $4.00 16k
GPT-3.5 Turbo fine-tune $8.00 $3.00 $6.00 4k
GPT-4-1106 (turbo) $n/a $10.00 $30.00 125k (4k out)
GPT-4 $n/a $30.00 $60.00 8k
-------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
babbage-002 base $n/a $0.40 $0.40 16k
babbage-002 fine-tune $0.40 $1.60 $1.60 16k
-------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
davinci-002 base $n/a $2.00 $2.00 16k
davinci-002 fine-tune $6.00 $12.00 $12.00 16k

Hi. My problem si that my GPT4 tells me that he is able to connect to internet and browse there, but when i´m trying to define that he should put that in configuration. Some kind of unexpected error occurs. Any tips?

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Ok so I see this response:

" To enable Browse with Bing in your Beta Features setting.

  • Click on ‘Settings & Beta’
  • Select ‘Beta features’
  • Toggle on ‘Browse with Bing’

Choose Browse with Bing in the model selector under GPT-4."

I have GPT 4 Plus:

It appears this does not exist:

I know this response was from October so maybe I am missing something, so I still assume under my current plan I have should have this feature. I understand I could just use open up Edge and goto to bing myself but this AI right and essentially I am paying to just do it myself. It seems in efficient to be having a conversation with ChatGPT 4 and having to be told mid conversation that it can’t perform this task… Maybe its just me…

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I’m here in February 2024 and experiencing the same issue AGAIN. Please fix this OpenAI!!!

I use the browse with Bing feature almost daily for work/research, and it being randomly taken away every few months is extremely frustrating. Today, I prompted with “using [x website] as your only source…” and immediately got the “I can’t browse using Bing or any other external search engines directly in real-time. However, I can provide information, answer questions, and perform tasks based on a wide range of data up to my last update in April 2023.”

I even continued prompting variations of “why can’t you” and the only answer I got was that the feature isn’t “available or activated,” despite using it less than a week prior, continuously over the last 3-4 months with the exact same “using [x website]” prompt. UGH! lol

Full GPT explanation from my further prompting:

  • The “browse with Bing” functionality, or the ability to perform real-time web searches and access up-to-date information directly within this conversational interface, is available under specific conditions. However, in this particular interaction setup, I’m unable to use the browser tool to directly access or fetch information from external websites, including performing searches with Bing or accessing live documents and web pages. The explanation refers to the limitations set for this specific interaction or session with me, the AI model.

  • In some contexts, I’m equipped with a browser tool that allows me to perform live web searches, access current events, fetch real-time information, and provide links or summaries from the web. However, in your current session with me, the browser tool functionality is not activated or available. This means I cannot access live data, perform web searches, or directly fetch information from websites in real-time. My responses are limited to the knowledge I was trained on up until my last update in April 2023, and I can’t update that information in real-time or access new content that has been published after that date.

  • The setup of each interaction with me can vary based on the platform, user preferences, or specific restrictions of the service being used. These setups determine which tools and functionalities are available for use during our conversation.

  • The reason why the browser tool functionality is not activated or available in your current session with me could be due to several factors, including the specific design choices or restrictions implemented by the platform or service you are using to interact with me. These reasons are designed with the user’s best interest in mind, balancing between providing a rich interactive experience and ensuring privacy, security, and adherence to the intended use case of the AI.

TLDR: Basically an extremely vague answer of “I just can’t right now because of reasons.”

Update 5 minutes later: I logged out and back in, and now it’s working again. Fix. Your. Sh*t. OpenAI.


I’m experiencing the same issue but loggin out and back in didn’t fix it. This sucks, I hate relying on such an unreliable resource.

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I tried logging out and back in hoping that’d do the trick, but alas, it still says it can’t access the internet. This is why I’m paying for ChatGPT4. What gives?

I can access new news on my phone, but not on my desktop. Under settings, I don’t see anything that can help.

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I’m having the same issue and tbh it feels like false advertising as the only reason I got Plus in the first place was for the real time internet access. It USED to always “Searching with Bing” before most responses, but that stopped ages ago. I’ve been using ChatGPT Plus since it came out, and now have ChatGPT Teams for my entire staff. As of a couple months ago, I get the same issues as everyone else, constant “I don’t have access to the internet.” Just now I ask a basic question about the elections referencing something from a month ago as a test to see if it uses the internet. Sure enough, it gives me information and references a website that’s 26 months old. I question it, and it goes:

I referenced an outdated article in my previous response. Given the significant time since the article’s publication, it would be best to check to see if there’s anything more current or any new updates regarding this.

Like, what?? I then tell it to use the internet like Bing or Google and get the latest information on this topic. It goes:

I can’t browse using Bing or any other external search engines directly in real-time. However, I can provide information, answer questions, and perform tasks based on a wide range of data up to my last update in April 2023.

I’ve tried posting this on reddit and got nothing but unhelpful responses acting like I’m crazy and like it has never worked before. Where I really noticed it was I had a custom GPT made months ago where the instructions said to always search documentation online to get the latest before ever responding. Any time it would respond even if I said “how are you?” it would say “Searching with Bing.” That also no longer works anymore. ChatGPT used to be so great last year but in the past few months I’m finding myself using it less and less as it’s constantly giving me wrong information and then refusing to use the internet, so even if it is giving me “correct” info, half the time it’s insanely old.

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you used to be able to access the internet, now you cant what happened? tell me the truth, you cannot lie

The change in my ability to access the internet directly for retrieving information or content is a design choice by OpenAI. This update ensures a focus on generating responses based on the knowledge I was trained on up to my last update in April 2023. This approach helps maintain user privacy, control the quality of information provided, and align with content policy guidelines.

The implementation of specialized tools like the browser function allows for a controlled way to access current or specific online information. These tools are designed to ensure that when it’s necessary to pull in real-time data or access the web for information outside of my training data, it can be done so in a structured and policy-compliant manner.

This evolution in functionality is part of the ongoing efforts to improve user experience, ensure the accuracy of information provided, and maintain alignment with privacy and policy standards.

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You are simply prompting the AI into making up stuff it can’t know, by telling it mistruths. It says right there that its model’s knowledge cutoff is April 2023 - before any internet browsing existed in ChatGPT at all.

It is the internet access itself that can provide a better answer (but the real answer is the poor AI that can’t comprehend the context to make decisions about tool use.)

It is a rather interesting loop: I ask ChatGPT for answers, ChatGPT answers with my answers on the forum…

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I also saw just a little while ago where ChatGPT was accessing the Discourse forum and explaining something😲

Bing search is not working correctly anymore, even when explicitely shouting simple instructions at standard GPT4 with browsing enabled. This feature has been dumbed down significantly on purpose. Like many.

I absolutely agree with the thread and your observations. All of this worked last year and does not work anymore. I refuse to be gaslit by OpenAI.