Chatgpt Plus freezing all the time!

since the last update, when I am asking a question to GPT my tab getting freezed to a level that the browser indicates that the web page is not responding or hanging…
It is the same in both pc and mobile phone, each time in order to get a respond I have to first write my prompt , then get a laggy hangy tab , close it , reopen it and refresh it to see the respond
It is really devestating, please do something about it


I’ve been getting the same issue since yesterday. Images are not being generated and it replies saying there is a technical error on the system. I check the service update and there are apparently no issues.

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I have exactly the same issue and it happens on Google Chrome, MS Edge and Firefox browsers. Anyone find out the cause and/or a resolution?

I’ve had the same issue on both Chrome and Edge

same here, sometimes i have to wait over 5 minutes for the tab to wake up

I’m encoutering the same issue. Any solutions?

Big Same. Halp!

Seems there’s memory leakage during these waitfests.

Same issue, too!

Bordering on unusable for work currently.

Yup, same here with Chrome, even if I disable Hardware acceleration and delete all my cookies, refresh the page, etc.

My browser freezes until OpenAI returns the complete request. (no scrolling as the AI creates the text). Just a big chunk of text appears.

The issue seems only to happen when I have a long chat history (in the same thread). and it gets slower as the thread gets longer.

Hopefully, this can be resolved by OpenAI sooner than later.

Same here with Chrome, AI reply not visible until I refresh the page. Super annoying and inefficient, would be nice to know at least a workaround.

Same here.! It’s really frustrating. Are there any solutions?

I use ChatGTP 4 a lot for heavy energy math analytic applications on my MacBook Pro and it gets hung up a lot. I found a work around. Copy and paste the URL into a new browser Tab and you’ll magically see the ChatGPT response. Then close your previous browser tab.

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Since yesterday it started happening to me too. Every prompt now triggers a dot, like it’s generating the response, but the response is nowhere to be seen. I see the response only after refreshing the page. Tested on multiple machines and browsers, happens everywhere. Makes the chat unusable (only non-interactive work is possible).

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I played around with extensions and it seems Privacy Badge is related to the issue. Unblocking fixed it for me and now I can see the response live again.

The same thing is happening to me since a couple of days. I enter a prompt, then the dot keeps pulsating without showing a response. Only refreshing the browser window or closing and re-opening the tab will the response be visible.

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Same thing is happening constantly. Becoming unusuable, how is this not being addressed? I have tested it on multiple browsers, same thing no matter what.

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Have had the same issue for a week or so. Please fix.

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