ChatGPT not streaming results

Whenever I ask a question to chat GPT, it freezes like this:

Anyone have tips? I’ve tried clearing my cache and cookies and logging in/out. The output results show up if I refresh the page, and it works on my phone. But there is no response even if I switch web browsers.


I experienced the same thing with Firefox 122.0 (64-bit). Works fine on Chrome and Safari for me.

Have this same exact problem on Chrome. It’s intermittent, but I essentially “wait” for the response to normally complete. Then I have to refresh it and I can click on the conversation to see the response.

I am also experiencing this issue. I have to refresh after a while to see results. I am using the latest Arc browser.

This totally ruins the normal experience.

As usual when reporting a bug, I’ve just fixed it.

Privacy badger had picked up on a new url to block I unblocked it, but blocked cookies on it, and now streaming works again.

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