ChatGPT news have exciting implications for the API

If you haven’t read the thread by @logankilpatrick on Twitter yet, you really need to sit down and go through it

Read every tweet in the thread. The first one doesn’t really tell you what is coming in the tweets that follow. It will literally change the plans of a lot of developers - especially when it comes to embedding

If the retrieval plugin works with the API, it will have a big impact

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Agree with @raymonddavey. This changes everything. In my view, this is the most impactful announcement for the developers’ community (and I must acknowledge that I was not expecting something like this at all). Even more than GPT-4. It’s gonna change the whole way we (developers) interact with OpenAI. It is not bringing ChatGPT to our apps anymore. It’s exposing our tools to ChatGPT.

In my view, all these startups that have focused too much on proprietary-info retrieval or “look, this is like ChatGPT, but with the ability of browsing the web” are done. The question is: who’s gonna build the next killer plug-in? The one that does it will suddenly be exposed to a market that has millions of users already.

Exciting times ahead for the community :slight_smile: